Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Around the Corner!

I normally wouldn't even start thinking about Christmas before Halloween happens, but this year I have a craft fair coming up, at which I will be wo-manning my very first booth! So, since it's on November 10th, I thought I'd do a Christmas theme, and I am busily working on my offerings... Here is the first finished product!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My First Blog...

Being new to "blogging," I'm not sure what normal bloggers usually blog about. I recently had the unbelieveably awesome opportunity to be involved in the Creative Connection Event. This was the 2nd annual convergence of great crafters, bloggers, culinary artists and other spectacular women that takes place in Minnesota (my home state). I worked the Event as a volunteer, and was thus involved in all aspects of set-up and execution and, in general, helped to make things so smoothly. I was so excited and honored to be just a small part of the wonderful group of women who brought the whole thing together. The Creative Connection Event was a series of classes, keynote speakers, fantastic presentations and a craft marketplace with beautiful, intricate booths that took serious planning and creativity to pull off. I managed to make about a million new friends and business contacts, and had such an awesome time doing it, I want to go back every year!

Vintage Workshop Booth

Tinsel Trading Co. Booth

Vintage Workshop Booth - www.vintageworkshop.com

Vintage Workshop Booth
Cricut Booth - www.cricut.com